November 8th Launch Party

Join us on November 8th at Platforms as a follow up to our March 15th event! We will be revealing our second product drop, showcasing two new items. 

We want this to be a huge sendoff for thanksgiving so we can guarantee that there will be music for everyone and you will not leave disappointed! 

Wear your Nuvoln tee for a special chance to win exclusive prizes

Our Story

Nuvoln is a cloud-based clothing brand designed by college students, for college students. We aim to bring our customers affordable and creatively designed pieces for everyday wear, creating a community of young, free-spirited individuals.

The name Nuvoln comes from a combination of the Swedish and Italian words for cloud. Our founders come from a variety of diverse, international backgrounds, and we wanted to represent the many places we call home in the brand name.

In our designs, we feature an equals sign; a representation of equality between peoples that our brand prides itself on. We strive for accessibility and believe that our designs should be obtainable by everyone.

Why the Cloud?

We chose the cloud because of its incredible versatility. Clouds are ever-changing and ever-open to interpretation. 

We believe clouds represent freedom and the process of becoming independent – the transition from the confines of adolescent life to reaching new heights. 

Clouds emphasize the importance of creativity and imagination, the core values found in the spirit of Nuvoln.

Nic Novelli, Izayah Powell, Jonas Cohon